About Us

The Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice is a state affiliate of a national organization, the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC).

The Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice supports reproductive choice and religious freedom. We support the right of women to make decisions about their reproductive lives according to their own consciences, beliefs, and unique circumstances.  We believe that such decisions should not be dictated by government policies based on a religious creed, nor should they be controlled by another person, who will not be carrying the pregnancy or bearing responsibility for its consequences.

Religious support for reproductive choice is widespread. National RCRC members include many denominations and faith groups with pro-choice positions, including mainstream Christian denominations such as the Episcopal, Presbyterian USA, and United Methodist Churches, the United Church of Christ, the Unitarian Universalist Association, and three Jewish movements, Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist.  RCRC member faith groups include the Lutheran Women’s Caucus, the YWCA, and Catholics for Choice, among others. The RCRC publication “We Affirm” contains excerpts from their pro-choice statements and lists the organizational members.

Ohio RCRC’s programs include education, advocacy, and counseling.

To educate, our near-term focus is on comprehensive sexuality education in congregations.  In a faithful environment, our young people can learn to prevent unintended pregnancy with abstinence followed by effective contraception when they become sexually active.  Our educational emphasis also includes providing speakers and panels for high school, college and medical schools. We publish a newsletter and send out e-newsletters, and maintain a website

We advocate and lobby for legislation that will make all reproductive choices accessible and affordable.  For example, we support Ohio Prevention First, a bill that requires that only comprehensive, medically accurate sex education be taught in Ohio schools, that doctors’ prescriptions must be filled by pharmacies, and that information about emergency contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted infections must be given to victims of rape and incest in all Ohio emergency rooms.  We educate our supporters about such issues and legislation through our e-newsletter, Faith and Freedom. We send out email “alerts” to let people know what legislation is pending and how to express their views about it to their legislators.

Our counseling, called the All Options Counseling and Counseling for Reproductive Loss, is provided by trained clergy.  We educate clergy in workshops so that they can support women and families in their congregations who are making difficult decisions about unintended pregnancies or are recovering from losing a wanted pregnancy, placing a child for adoption, or discovering they are infertile. Ohio RCRC has a Hotline (614-943-3939) that people can call to reach a trained clergy counselor.

The Ohio RCRC Board of Trustees includes representatives of several of RCRC’s member organizations from across Ohio. Other Board members are elected for their relevant knowledge and skills. The Board is now searching for members and committee members who will enhance its religious, geographic, ethnic, and racial diversity, who have a range of helpful skills.

To contact Ohio RCRC, you can reach out to us, any of these ways:

Mail: P.O. Box 82204, Columbus, OH 43202

Phone: (614) 943-3939

Email: ohiorcrc@sbcglobal.net