Akron Beacon Journal: "Trust Women to Decide"

In this letter to the editor, Megan M. Hunter, Esq. — secretary of the Ohio RCRC board — affirms the Akron Beacon Journal editorial board for issuing a strong editorial against the Down Syndrome Abortion Ban bill.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: "Ohio Right to Life's agenda perpetuates rape culture"

In a letter to the editor, Ohio RCRC executive director Elaina Ramsey speaks out against Ohio Right to Life's hardline stance on abortion which prohibits exceptions to rape and incest. She affirms that "no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy against her will, no matter the circumstance." 

The New York Times: "I felt invisible"

In an article about the rise of U.S. demonstrations that have been inspired by "The Handmaid's Tale," Ohio RCRC's new executive director, Elaina Ramsey, shares about her experience protesting at the Ohio Statehouse while dressed as a handmaid in "silent solidarity against yet another proposed restriction on women’s reproductive health care.”

Columbus Dispatch: "Comment has bad implications"

In a letter to the editor, Rev. Laura Young writes, "The Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and the clergy and faith communities who stand with us vehemently condemn as hate speech the suggestion made by presidential candidate Donald Trump that women should be punished for having abortions."

Columbus Dispatch: "Planned Parenthood supporters in Ohio feel they are being ignored"

Voices that go unheeded include religious leaders who support abortion and other reproductive rights, said the Rev. Laura Young, a United Methodist minister who directs the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

Passing legislation based on one particular religious view — the view that opposes abortion rights — “amounts to religious discrimination, not religious freedom,” she said. “I don’t feel that Ohio, by defunding Planned Parenthood, is extending the compassion and care that we have the ability and the responsibility to do.”