Dayton Daily News: Dayton-Area Abortion Clinic Loses Ohio Supreme Court Fight

“Executive Director Elaina Ramsey of the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice said it’s unconscionable that the Ohio Supreme Court would punish pregnant women by denying Women’s Med’s appeal.

‘People deserve access to health care in their own communities, including access to safe, legal abortion care,’ she said. ‘We will continue to honor people’s conscience and moral agency by supporting Women’s Med Center, which remains open for now.’”

SELF Magazine: Yes, You Can Be Religious and Pro-Choice

Faith doesn’t solely belong to the Religious Right. Hear from 9 #faithfullyprochoice leaders, including our Faith Organizer Rabbi Jessica Shimberg. Learn from these clergy, religious scholars, and laypeople of faith about their pro-choice views, and how they reconcile their religious beliefs with their political ones.

2News / WDTN: Pro-Choice Advocates Protest at Premier Health

Women’s Med Center — Dayton’s only abortion provider — is in imminent danger of being forced to close unless a local, private hospital agrees to a transfer agreement. Ohio RCRC joined together with local leaders and NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio and attempted to deliver petitions to Premier Health telling them to stop making excuses and protect healthcare services in greater Dayton by signing a transfer agreement with the clinic. They refused to even receive our petitions.

Columbus Dispatch: ‘This is about good and evil’ pastor says at Statehouse prayer event

“You can speak from your values, but as a legislator who represents Ohioans, our elected leaders cannot legislate morality specifically in the Statehouse,” said Elaina Ramsey, executive director for Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

“This is not a house of worship. This is not a doctor’s office. These are personal private decisions that should be left up to a woman, her family and her God.”

Stylist Magazine: The Alabama abortion ban is disturbing. Northern Ireland’s is even worse

Two years ago, activists began walking into government buildings across the US, dressed in the heavy red cloaks and white bonnets used to identify women forced to reproduce in Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel. In Ohio, women wearing handmaid costumes staged a silent protest at a hearing of a bill that would ban the state’s most common abortion method. Elaina Ramsey, the executive director of the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, told The New York Times that the demonstration was intended to highlight “how women are being disregarded in a conversation being shaped by men legislating women’s bodies”.

Record-Courier: Pro-choice rally tells state Sen. Roegner ‘we deserve better’

On March 7th, Ohio RCRC organized a rally in Wooster to demonstrate local opposition to the six-week abortion ban (Senate Bill 23), a bill that Senator Kristina Roegner has introduced and championed in the 133rd General Assembly. The Record-Courier, the main paper for a major portion of Sen. Roegner's district, covered our event.