Ohio RCRC provides opportunities for groups and individuals to learn, discuss, and advocate for reproductive health, rights, and justice. In keeping with our values, we teach compassion and honor women as moral agents. We are also committed to helping people of faith, conscience, and goodwill connect their pro-choice values with activism.

Without education, we know our action will lack impact. And without action, education will fall short of its promise. As such, we are proud to offer our Faith in Action Trainings for Reproductive Freedom to foster the moral power of congregations and communities. Each training below can be tailored to meet the scheduling needs, goals, and budget of your group. For more information, contact us today at info@ohiorcrc.org.

  • Creating Brave Space: Spirituality & Abortion
    For too long, the debate surrounding abortion has been polarized and politicized. This interactive training seeks to cut through the noise to help participants assess their values and listen to one another with dignity and respect. Through facilitated discussion and activities that foster deeper empathy and understanding, a brave space will be created where diverse views are honored and explored. (Ideal for congregations, youth groups, social justice committees, and community conversations.)

  • Compassionate Care for Reproductive Decision-Making & Loss
    Long before the abortion culture wars, clergy and lay leaders of various faith traditions provided non-judgmental pastoral care for women and couples facing an unintended pregnancy. It’s time to reclaim this sacred tradition and practice compassionate care once more. Learn how to better accompany people through reproductive challenges and loss (miscarriage, infertility, abortion, stillbirth, adoption, etc.) and to provide judgment-free emotional and spiritual care. (Ideal for clergy, seminarians, institutional and denominational groups, and grief support groups.)

  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education 101
    This introductory training demonstrates how faith and spirituality can inform our sexual lives in a healthy and loving way. With accurate and age-appropriate teaching, participants will learn different frameworks for understanding human sexuality — from sexual health and reproductive health to sensuality, intimacy, identity, sexual power, and sexualization — to make informed and responsible decisions about their sexual health and behavior. (Ideal for youth groups, young adult groups, and Bible study groups.)

  • Advocacy & Messaging for Reproductive Freedom
    Whether your group is new to advocacy or wants to take it to the next level, this training will teach participants how to put their faith into action for reproductive freedom. Learn various advocacy and communication strategies to help you speak truth to power. From storytelling and letters to the editor to teach-ins and demonstrations, find out how to effectively advocate for public policies that protect and promote reproductive rights. (Ideal for social justice groups, youth groups, and Bible study groups.)

  • Cultivating Communities for Reproductive Justice
    How do I know if my congregation or community supports reproductive freedom? How can I change hearts and minds? To address these questions and more, this training will equip you with skills and knowledge about the tenets of intersectionality and reproductive justice to aid in your progress toward taking faith-rooted action. Through asset mapping, you’ll leave this training with next steps for your community to advance equality and justice. (Ideal for congregational staff, institutional and denominational leaders, social justice groups, and community conversations.