Our trained clergy members are here to support anyone who is struggling with their reproductive healthcare. During these times, we realize the importance of connecting with someone who encourages women in keeping with her, or their (her and partner), own conscience, beliefs, and unique circumstances.

We are proud to offer All-Options Counseling, as well as Pastoral Care for Reproductive Decision-Making & Loss. Our clergy counselors are trained to assist women in exploring all their options — abortion, parenting, adoption, or foster care. We also conduct trainings so clergy can support women and families in their congregations who are making difficult decisions about unintended pregnancies, recovering from a miscarriage, placing a child for adoption, or discovering they are infertile.

Our Philosophy: Most people of faith support the idea that women are moral decision-makers, owning the right to make decisions by following their own conscience and religious beliefs.

Our counselors support a woman in reaching a decision in accordance with her own values that is best suited to her unique circumstances. They do not impose their beliefs on her, nor do they push her to make a decision in conformity with any particular religion. They support her in thinking through her situation, finding a solution best suited to her values and needs, and help her think how to best cope with the consequences of her decision.

To reach a trained Ohio RCRC clergy counselor, please send us a confidential message.

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