By Rev. Terry Williams, Ohio RCRC Faith Organizer

So, in case you needed a reminder, online trolls are real.

You know those people down in the comments section on Facebook — the ones who never seem to be having a good day unless they’re trying to ruin someone else’s day?

Yeah, those trolls.

And a few weeks ago, a couple of our pro-choice Facebook messages were just a little too honest and true for the anti-choice trolls running around the internet.

So they decided to coordinate their efforts and come for us over a weekend via some Grade A social media nastiness.

Ranging from misogynistic comments about how women shouldn’t be ordained religious leaders to threats of hellfire and damnation for anyone who doesn’t buy into their fundamentalist Christian rhetoric against reproductive freedom, the kinds of hate-filled responses that occupied our Facebook comments section over that weekend were pretty disgusting.

The first day, I spent hours camped out at my local coffee shop drinking iced mochas and shaking my head as I cleaned up all the angry, anti-choice foolishness making their way over the internet to our page.

(By the way, that’s me in the light teal shirt with the mocha and wild eyes. )


It got so bad at one point, with no end in sight, that our staff thought, “Why don’t we start a fundraiser today — if the haters are working hard, we should be working hard too!”

As almost a joke, we threw up a post inviting folks to give #TenForTrolls, or $10 in honor of all the anti-abortion trolls that were terrorizing our Facebook comments section.

Honestly, we were hoping for $50 or maybe $100 to help keep our spirits up through the weekend.

But our Ohio RCRC family had other ideas.

With help from more than 80 donors, we were able to redirect all that negative energy into a positive purpose by raising $1,385 to help advance our faithfully pro-choice work!

Thanks to you, we were able to turn a bunch of $10 and $20 donations into three fully funded Ohio RCRC trainings. Your support enables us to offer these trainings free of cost to congregations and communities around the state and to advance reproductive freedom for all Ohioans.

Through this family of activists and donors, we are coming together to speak hope in the face of hate. We are elevating the moral power of religious communities and turning back the tide of hateful attacks against reproductive freedom in our state.

You are making our mission a reality and a success, and we just can’t thank you enough.

The only way we can counter such deep, dedicated hatred is with even deeper, more dedicated love.

Thanks for helping us feel the love!