For weeks, we have been working with faith leaders to witness against TWO bills that could block access to critical reproductive health care — the six-week abortion ban (House Bill 258) and the abortion method ban (Senate Bill 145).

These dangerous, immoral, and unconstitutional bills must be stopped by the end of the year before they become law.  

Kasich Veto Both Bills.png

As Rev. Dr. Marian Stewart stated in her recent testimony, abortion bans are NOT about protecting life. Instead, these bills undermine the moral agency of women and violate religious freedom, explains Rabbi Jessica Shimberg.

Won’t you help make sure Governor Kasich knows that people of faith (and non-faith) across Ohio firmly oppose these bills? Here’s what you can do:

  1. Call Governor Kasich and urge him to veto BOTH abortion bans. Share the image above on social media to help spread the word.

  2. Create a short video and share it on Twitter to explain why these abortion bans do not reflect your values. If you don’t have a Twitter account, send it to us at so we can amplify your voice!

  3. Make a donation to help us #StopTheBans. During these last few days of lame duck, we need your financial support to keep the pressure on our lawmakers.

It's now or never. We must do all we can to preserve and promote reproductive freedom for all Ohioans.

Thanks in advance for urging Governor Kasich to veto both HB 258 and SB 145.