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In a world that is oversaturated with media, it’s easy to miss voices who may not *quite* have the public eye. All the critique of faith communities and the changing spiritual landscape leaves a lot of people wondering where do we go from here? However, there’s lots of truth being named, shared, and spoken in these Trumpian times.

If you’re looking to find some clarity beyond the noise of the White Evangelical torrent, here are some great voices that have their ear to the ground on what faith looks like in various communities of color. They aren’t just the future, but are here now and will continue to shape faith by building upon the work of their ancestors and relearning what it means to follow Jesus...

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6. Elaina Bueno Ramsey | Twitter: @elainabueno | Facebook

Elaina is fiercely committed to women's rights and Executive Director of the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. Her shenanigans have included (but are not limited to) dressing up like a Handmaid as a demonstration for reproductive rights.