We recently bid farewell to the 2017 Patients to Advocates fellows — a powerhouse group that advocates for reproductive freedom based on their personal experiences receiving abortion care. What a blessing and an honor to have journeyed with these fierce and fabulous feministas.

PTA 2017.jpg

Beyond the facts and figures of the abortion debate are the faces of these leaders. They are mothers, students, and hard workers. Some are rape survivors, people of faith, and veterans. And all have endured the sting of abortion stigma — often perpetrated by religious conservatives.

From media and policymaking to our communities and clinics, religious extremists have shamed women for seeking safe, legal reproductive healthcare. For talking about their abortion experiences. For trying to exercise any kind of bodily autonomy.

That is why Ohio RCRC is committed to reclaiming the moral high ground to help destigmatize abortion and honor the sacred worth of women, girls, and femmes. Share your values – stand with us today.

In this season of thanksgiving, we are grateful for our partners — NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, Preterm, and New Voices Cleveland — which made this fellowship possible. Together, we are helping to center the voices of those most affected by stigma and abortion restrictions and to develop leaders into strong advocates for change.

Most of all, we give thanks for these fellows who are breaking the silence and lifting up abortion care as a moral good. Bold, diverse, compassionate, and articulate, they are the heart and soul of the Ohio reproductive justice movement.

Join us in giving thanks for these fellows and the Patients to Advocates program. You can also be a part of training the next generation of leaders for reproductive justice by contributing to Ohio RCRC today.

Plus, don’t miss out on this NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio podcast featuring the fellows. Hear their stories. Learn their names. And give thanks for their leadership.