We advocate for legislation that will make all reproductive choices accessible and affordable. Ohio RCRC strongly opposes restrictions to abortion access and contraception. We also support bills that:

  • Require comprehensive, medically accurate sex education be taught in Ohio schools

  • Support paid family leave and equal pay for equal work

  • Protect Title X funding for family planning services

Raise your voice with us! For materials and support for writing letters, meeting with your legislator, or sharing your testimony at the Statehouse, email us at info@ohiorcrc.org. We’re here to help!


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Contact Your Elected Officials:

Find your senator and representative on the Ohio State House website.

Register to Vote:

We can help you register to vote and encourage others to do the same! At the My Ohio Vote website, you can register, check your registration, or change your address – all you need is a printer and a stamp. Make your voice heard!